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 Posted: Fri Aug 6th, 2021 04:36 am
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It's been a while since I have posted !

I have not real good reason for this,
other than summer has been very busy with "real" work, family events,
and just making the best of the warm weather while it lasts
(I live in the frozen north called Minnesota).


Within my Black Hawk scene,
I had previously built a small scene depicting a residential area.

This small area was about 16' wide and maybe 6" deep.
I placed 2 homes, both kit bashes.

The two-story was from a Sylvan Models resin kit,
the smaller one, kit based RR maintenance sheds, from AM Models.

Although the scene turned out okay,
I was not all that pleased with it.

What I had in mind for this area was something akin to the image above.

This is the Swedetown area of Black Hawk,
and I like how the homes are crowded together in Clear Creek Canyon.

The homes are "stepped" into the hill, being supported on flat areas,
built up on the hillside held in place with stone retaining walls.

I like how there is a variety of styles, all crowded together. 

So, I set out to rebuild this area,
trying to recreate some of the key features in the area shown above.

So, I tore out the previous scene and built replacements.

This was easy to do, since the scenery base is carved styrofoam
(extruded polystyrene board insulation)
and scenery materials are held down with diluted PVA 'Elmers' glue.

When dry, this glue can be rewetted and it is easy to remove.

The new scene was built on a small section of styrofoam board,
carved and colored to match my other scenery.

The three buildings replace the former two,
and are set on small leveled areas of dirt,
held in place with small stone retaining walls.

The buildings are all shallow relief, and abut the backdrop,
so that they are at most about 3" deep.

The building at the far right is kitbashed,
from one of the Grandt Line Reese Street buildings.

This styrene kit is readily adaptable to different configurations,
and the kit includes a variety of architectural trim. 

The center building is a Grandt Line "No Problem Joes",
another styrene kit of a "T"-shaped residence.

This one is also easy to kit bash.

The other residence was scratchbuilt from styrene,
but this isn't that hard, since it is a shallow flat against the backdrop.

If it looks familiar,
I patterned it after the "American Gothic" painting, by Grant Wood.

The fence is from an old Atlas kit.  

The lady in the rocking chair was fun to add.

She sits on a resin-printed rocking chair,
and it is animated to rock back and forth.

This little kit from Inter-Action Hobbies, runs on 3x 1.5v batteries.
I think their kit is based on a servo, with some added laser-cut parts. 

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