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 Posted: Fri Jul 30th, 2021 05:11 pm
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Larry G

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Hi all,
I've come up with an entirely new concept for the Big Stone resort scene.

The likelihood a mining co. would build a resort from scratch, is quite low.
However, converting a closed down mine into a resort, seems more likely.
I intend to basically start over, with this new concept.

This is an idea that makes more sense to me.
It would involve remaking all new buildings,
that look like old mine buildings converted into a resort.

Some track rebuilding, to create a reversing loop, will be done. 
I'm ok with the work, as long as a more believable scene is achieved.
Here you see the new track alignment at the Big Stone Lodge.

Notice, the old building foundation is still in place.
Half of this will be removed to make way for the new return loop.
A new building will be designed to fit the new situation.

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