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 Posted: Thu May 13th, 2021 11:07 am
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David Laughery

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Good job, "old-timers" for getting most of these.

As for the ground throw,
I am not sure it is an Alexander Scale Models version,
but it could be.

Not very visible, but one of the trucks in the photo,
is an old Varney truck, with the actual little springs.

Athearn also had trucks one had to build and insert springs.

One of the first things an HO modeler bought,
was a pack of extra springs from Athearn.

Until one learned the trick,
of putting a dab of spit on the tip of an Exacto #11 blade,
and "grabbing" the spring to insert into the truck frame,
many springs went off into space, never to be seen again.

Open frame motors were in almost all locos,
until the advent of can motors, and later coreless motors.

Open frame motors required maintenance, cleaning the commutators,
and lubing the thrust bearings, and putting fresh grease on the gears.

I bet today one can hardly find the motor in most locos.

Before LEDs tiny light bulbs and sockets or grain-of-wheat lights,
were the way to light a headlight on the loco.

I couldn't put my fingers on an old Mantua hook and loop coupler,
used before the horn-hook coupler that came with most HO.

Kadee couplers eventually replaced them,
and now everything comes with the Kadee style coupler

I remember cutting down horn-hook couplers to make more realistic
They were not good to use with uncoupling ramps, as I remember.

Thanks Larry and Michael for playing the memory game.

Regards, Dave L.

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