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 Posted: Tue Jun 16th, 2020 04:17 pm
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Keith Pashina


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Instead of joking about the true color of DSP&P Tiffany reefers,
another good mystery is what color was the Gilpin Tram equipment?

As you noted, everything was gray!

So, was the rolling stock all tuscan/oxide red ? black ? gray ? some other combination ?
No writer back when the GT was running, ever seemed to have commented on colors.

Sometimes, modelers get lucky and see a colored postcard, and can make the assumption,
the postcard producer colored to something similar to what existed.

We have no such luck.
I've never seen a colored postcard showing GT equipment, though.

When someone on this thread gets around to inventing a time machine,
let me know - I'll have some requests for you!



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