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 Posted: Fri May 1st, 2020 10:59 pm
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We may buy a good selection of stuff here...
Most annoying is that it's very hard to match "our" paint to US prototypes.

In the nineties, I ordered Floquil by Airmail, and presto, had a perfect paint at my disposal,
then they started outlawing certain components,
and a number of Floquil paints suddenly looked awful (Armor Yellow!!).

Then came 9/11 with safety regulations concerning shipping of (flammable) liquids.
I abandoned painting models out of sheer frustration, for ten years.

Now I have found several tricks how to make things done...
Rattle cans as mentioned elsewhere, mixing Revell bottles,
and I have bought some NOS Floquil stock.

Also, Tamiya is stocked here...
Good for various jobs that need grey, green and brown paint,
as they have countless military paints.

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