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 Posted: Fri May 1st, 2020 10:31 pm
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Reg H wrote: 
Acetone is a solvent.
The Tru-Color seems to work pretty closely to Floquil. 

I tried Scalecoat, but it doesn't keep well once the bottle is opened. 

Careful, though.  Tru-Color has two lines. 
The "sprayable" acetone line and the "brushable" acrylic line. 
I like the acrylic line for brushing. 


I also was told Tru Color would be similar to use to (solvent based) Floquil.

As I used Revell thinner for Floquil
(it's difficult to get paint from the US to Austria, but even more difficult to get thinner)
with good success all my modeling life,
I also used it for Tru Color...

Wasn't happy with the result.
Worst, it didn't adhere to my standard primer, that worked with anything else.
Had similar experience with Scale Coat too.

Will try acetone, this is a blessing if it works,
it's easy to obtain for me.

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