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 Posted: Thu Apr 2nd, 2020 01:09 pm
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Kevin Fall


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Nice observations on the Denver Public Library photo you linked to.
I don't recall seeing this before.

Keith did talk about the Randolph Mill cable tram back on his 239th post.
He showed a distant photo of the mill with the tram tower circled in red,
in what I believe is the same tower, that is a clearer view in the DPL photo you referenced.

It is also shown from the other side.
I am thinking about possibly building the Randolph Mill eventually,
and the clearer view of the tram tower and terminal building, certainly solves another mystery.

I think you are correct in thinking that the sign in the background of the photo is the Penn Mill sign.
If you look on page 315 of the Gilpin Railroad Era you can see the same lettering on the mill (photo dated 1909),
which appears to match the photo you referenced, but the letters are now faded.
Thus the DPL photo would have been taken at an earlier date.

Just speculation, but thanks for the information.

And Keith

Very nice work on the engine house, and thanks for the reference to Rusty Rails.
Somehow I hadn't run into them before, even though I've been in the hobby 45 years.


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