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 Posted: Wed Mar 25th, 2020 10:46 pm
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There are many great small manufacturers out there making nice detail parts and accessories.
It seems like I am continually finding new sources when I starting browsing around the web.

Unfortunately, there are many small businesses that sprout up for a while, then disappear.

When I started modeling in narrow gauge,
several experienced modelers advised me to buy something I liked when I saw it,
because the product may not be available tomorrow.

For the GT enginehouse, I started purchasing kits for machine tools, detail parts etc. about 15 years ago,
that I intended for my boiler works and machine shop, and enginehouse models.
Like any real modeler, I avidly collected many more parts and kits than what I actually needed!

Not to worry, though.
I can use the "leftover" kits and detail parts on a future smelter complex I am contemplating building.


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