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 Posted: Sun Mar 22nd, 2020 04:05 am
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I built the interior framing of the enginehouse with styrene,
and painted it the same time as the rest of the walls with an airbrush.

I posted a photo of this in progress, 2 posts ago.

This photo shows the model starting to come more together.
I have left off some of the walls to make it easier to add interior details.

Near the front of this photo, you can see the water cistern,
used for watering locomotives.

Because this would be a heavy load,
it is supported on its own heavy wood framing.

Next to it sits the vertical steam boiler,
a cast resin kit from Rio Grande Models.

By now, I had added all the interior details,
and was ready to finish installing the walls.

The photo above shows I have added figures, tool benches,
shop machinery, and general clutter to the model.

The two stalls are very compact,
there would not have been a lot of room inside the enginehouse.

The workbenches are resin castings from Rusty Rail.

I added a belt-driven drill press, a metal casting from Rio Grande Models.
I haven't added the belt drive yet (colored tracing paper).
Also, the LED lights haven't been installed in this photo, either.

The red hose is used to fill the little Shay locomotive tenders.
The hose is painted wire solder, bent to shape, and painted red,
this seems to be the color favored in rubber hoses 100+ years ago

Work continues on the model,
but I am getting much closer to finishing the model.

I'll work more on the model tomorrow,
and then post photos later this coming week.

Until then


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