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 Posted: Tue Jan 14th, 2020 02:10 am
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That is some good information about the East Broad Top shop equipment!

Thanks for posting the links and information regarding the borer/slotter machine.
The HAER drawing link you posted is also handy,
and a great read to see how a prototype machine shop was set up.

There is was also a paperback book published about the EBT shops,
and included great descriptions and photos of all the major equipment.

I had a copy, but seemed to have either traded or given it away.


Work progresses on the HO scale, free-lanced boiler works and machine shop complex.
I now have most completed the various structures, and will begin scenicking the scene base later this evening. 

Here are some progress shots about what I have been up to.

One side of the complex is anchored by this building,
a modified Wild West Scale Model Builders Franke Furniture kit..

Mike Pyne, the company owner/designer, probably intended for this to be a wood-working industry,
but I modeled it as a building addition to the original brick building, needed to house additional scenery.

I moved some doors around, put the small office on a different wall,
and added the steel bar and rod stock storage rack to one side.

This is a nice little kit that goes together nicely

Here's an overview of the kit.

I left off one wall until all of the interior detailing was completed before gluing it on.
The roof had to be modified, too, to make it easily removable.
The kit comes with a lot of nice laser-cut roof trusses.

Here's the completed interior, with various machine and detail kits from several manufacturers.

Not a well-focused photo, but this shows a worker at a lathe,
an attempt to make this look like a busy, prosperous machine shop

One detail part I used was this set of tools and gears that were laser-cut from a dense paper-like material.
Originally from Vector Cut, this company has since ceased business.
I wish I would have purchased more of their stuff when I could!

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