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 Posted: Sun Dec 1st, 2019 12:33 am
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I quickly realized that there were far too many machines, structures, scenes, etc. than what I had room for.
I would have to make selections as to what I would actually build.

The real industries in Black Hawk,
they were a foundry or machine shop or a sheet metal & boiler works, but not all three.
Also, none were directly served by the Gilpin Tram.
Realizing that this was a mistake of history,
I remedied this by deciding to build an industry that combined all three types of business,
and would be served by the 3' gauge Colorado & Southerm and the 2' gauge Gilpin Tram.

Now it was time to start building this model.

The goal was to re-create something reminiscent of the scene above,
a bustling industrial model that would have shipments of materials in and out by rail,
room for some interior details, including machine tools, and lots of mini-scenes,
using the various detail parts I had purchased in past years

Here was the space I have available,
which is the area delineated by the black gator board base,
it's about 12" wide and 12" long.

I put some structure mockups on it to see what may fit

I had ended up with two kits of the Woodland Scenics' "Tucker Brothers Machine Shop",
it's main appeal was the well-worn corrugated metal siding  walls filled with lots of little details.

The building footprint was pretty small, so I combined the two kits to make this large building.
I decided to add a wood lean-to addition on one end.

This is the mocking up the building, the long wall is two kit walls glued together.
I needed a new roof, so I built this clerestory roof out of styrene,
and cut-down roundhouse windows from the former Grandt Line

It's easier to do the same step at one time on multiple parts at one time.

In this photo, I had cleaned flash of of castings for machinery, tools and other details,
and also some structure parts.

When I started this, my goal was to clean out a  lot my kit and parts boxes, but I failed at this.
I still had a lot of building kits that I had not used yet nor would use in this model,
and I had more detail parts assembled than I had room for on this model 

So, I set up the portable spray booth and airbrush, and began priming and painting all the parts.
This went pretty quickly, since I painted a lot of similar parts at one time.

That's the progress on this model to date - more updates to follow!


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