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 Posted: Sat Nov 30th, 2019 09:26 pm
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Modeling the Bobtail Mill in 1/2" scale?
That would be an impressive model.

I always liked that mill, with its tangled complex of buildings,
variety of construction materials, and proximity to the town.


I've been admiring prototype machine shops in older days,
the belt-driven machinery creates a busy environment that would be fun to model.

Because there are many nice kits of machinery, hand tools, belt-drive wheels,
and accessories, and general "clutter", modeling this stuff may not be that hard to do.

I had been purchasing various kits and parts for many years,
and now have a variety of models to choose from.

I have visited prototype machine, foundry, blacksmith, etc. shops  over the years,
and have taken various photos that I wanted to reference when creating model able scenes. 

The following photos show some of the details I found interesting.

This is a photo of part of the Knight Foundry in Sutter Creek, California, taken at the NNGC in September 2019.

There is a wealth of detail here - machinery, belt drives to power the machinery, storage bins and racks, wooden wood trusses, etc. 

I don't know what I am looking at here,
but there is a lot to study, whatever this machine is.

This photo was taken at the East Broad Top shops in 2011,
and shows this large machine (a shaper, maybe?).

Several things stand out: almost everything is various dingy shades of gray and brown.

There is a lot of "stuff" or clutter, but it is laid out with a purpose and organized,
it is not haphazardly strewn about.

Also, the shop building has large windows to let in natural light.

The parts the shop is fabricating or repairing are made of metal and HEAVY.

The Knight Foundry has numerous small cranes mounted around the shop,
to swing parts into place, and back onto shop trucks

The belt drive machinery intrigues me, besides basic drive shafts and belt wheels,
there are devices to clutch some of the wheels to a neutral setting.

The belt drive system has a variety of belt widths, wheel sizes, and alignments that add variety.

There are numerous workbenches where hand tools or small pieces of equipment are used.
Once again, the bench looks cluttered, but everything is there for a logical purpose.
Also, the colors are very drab - grays and browns.

I want to try to model some of this on my HOn30 layout


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