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 Posted: Thu Nov 28th, 2019 04:24 am
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As my little layout project moves forward, my Black Hawk scene is coming along nicely. 
Now that I have mostly finished the "downtown"  Black Hawk area, it was time to start work on completing a large unfinished area,
where I had room for a large industry - a boiler works and machine shop.

I had always liked the look of the various machine, foundry, and boiler workshops in Black Hawk and other areas in Colorado. 
I also had purchased several machine tool kits from various suppliers that I wanted to include in a model. 
So, it was time to begin planning how to build and model this scene.

I don't have to invent any ideas,
all I really needed to do was to look at prototype industries to get some inspiration.

Black Hawk several industries that could be modelable - in this map, there is,
the MacFarlane Machine Shop, the Boiler Works, and the Rocky Mountain Machine Shop (part of the Bobtail Mill Complex )
in just this confined area

The Black Hawk Boiler and Sheet Iron Works building,
was in the center of the Black Hawk town retail area, and next to the C&S tracks

The Bobtail Mill complex incorporated this building, which was the former Rocky Mountain Machine Shop building. 
I like the rough wood siding on the buildings and large square-section brick smokestack.

The MacFarlane Machine Shop/Foundry was served by the C&S off of a spur.
This wood-framed building is sheathed in metal siding.

There is lots of neat detail here,
numerous windows to allow natural light in, roof cupolas over furnaces and other tall equipment,
and note the parts laying around that were to be repaired or to be shipped out,
a variety of wheels, a boiler front, and other components

Up the mountain, in Central City, MacFarlane also owned this machine shop.
This building is a neat stone-walled structure with several additions, some of metal-clad wood siding.
This building has been restored and used by the Central City Opera House association

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