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 Posted: Sat Nov 16th, 2019 10:45 pm
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Good evening Phil and all.

Phil it has been sometime since we last wrote and communicated with each other,
and much has happened since our last time.

The 3/8n40 railroad has been taken down, and parts, buildings and stuff recovered and stored. 

The reason for taking down the railroad was I couldn't give it the attention it needed,
and for a year and a half it laid idle, while the 1900 square foot On30 was finished.

When I started the railroad I had also debated if I should build dioramas instead of a layout,
but thought seeing something run was a better option.
It was, but in the end I lost interest.

This past January I lost my best friend of almost 40 years and my interest even now isn't back to full speed.
My wife tells me Jim wouldn't be happy and I guess that is right.

So I have embarked on the diorama journey and have started 5 dioramas and finished three so far.
I have one that is a square foot and this will be given to very good friends, whose son is an oyster farmer.
The second one is bigger and shows a scene with a hand car/tool shed and small yard, with a warehouse across from it.
The third one is a scene of a small garage off a dirt road, with small out buildings and lots of details. 

The other units are in some form of construction,
but nothing has of yet received scenery, that could happen tomorrow.
The first one is the Blue Star Seafood Company, it has a "L" shaped building with a brick maintenance/storage building,
small oil tank, stucco and brick power house, and a loading dock along the single track.
The last one will be a saw mill with out buildings and two tracks.

As you know from looking at the shots I have sent you before, everything is pretty much scratch built.

I am able at the moment to use everything that was on the layout,
so I just need to come up with the scene and pull parts as needed. 

I am, as the question asked early on, using Athearn trucks and wheel sets and KD O scale couplers.
The car frames are laser cut by Deerfield River Laser, very reasonable and high quality.
Phil as always drop me a private message and I will send you some shots of the new work. 
In the meantime, the best to all and good wishes from the Eastern shore of Maryland.

Steve Fisher

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