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 Posted: Thu Sep 12th, 2019 08:30 pm
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Here are a couple of photos of something I have been working on.

Based on several such oddities that I have either seen in "real life" or somewhere in books.
It is unfinished at the moment but is far enough along to share...

This is a standard gauge rail truck used to shuffle cars around rather than fire up and use a locomotive for a quick job.

Nope, this isn't powered, there is only a few feet of track so she's just a "looker".

Another view of this "critter".

Built from a Miniart 1:35 "GAZ" or some kind of Russkie version of a Ford Model A used in WW2.
The cab was built of wooden slats and one is missing here (came that way in the kit).
I have had this thing built and floating around in a dusty box for a while
(you might see some spider webs inside the cab!)
and thought that I'd use it for "something".

The rear driver is from an old New Brite boxcar truck, trimmed down to look a bit more "scale",
and the front truck is from a Bachmann On30 "Forney" loco with spoke wheels.
I spent probably one evening and a bit of morning coffee-drinking to get her to this point.

Shown here doing as intended, moving around an empty coal delivery car,
also built with New Brite trucks-pretty close for 1:35 or 1:32 scale.
The old coal car was built a few years ago as "detail" for the smelter's coal dump and loco fueling.

On the flat bed you can see some lengths of rail, this would be to add some weight for traction.
This machine would pull only one car, maybe two empty ones but she certainly ain't a road engine.
OK, maybe I should have made this run but again, I ain't building a standard gauge empire,
just some needed and wanted "scenery".

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