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 Posted: Fri Mar 8th, 2019 01:12 am
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W C Greene

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OK, she's got a ways to go but here is the T GS & B's new 2-4-4-2t, fresh from the shop.

Junk, crew, weathering, and whatever I can think to stick on her.
Plus the required details like water hatches, coal load, lettering...stuff.
She runs great just like always, but now #5 can fit on the turntables and run the "proper" way back & forth.
I put a larger spoke wheel in the rear truck, we'll see how that works out.
The side tanks have 400 mAh Li-Poly batteries (one each side),
which may get wired together when I figger out if it will work and not blow up in my face!
The receiver board is in the fuel bunker and the cab is full of wires...for the moment.
Maybe the meta-morpho-sis is complete.
The unused tender will be used as a water car, I need another one anyway.
BTW, this could be done to a DC or DCC lokie, if there are any fellows or ladies who so desire.

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