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 Posted: Wed Jan 23rd, 2019 09:40 pm
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" Am I going to get an answer from you to my question or you just skip my words? "

This is not in reply to your impatience which I have only just noted

I have many many many things to do during the considerable effort I expend Administering this Site

Most of which is to facilitate this as a place for considerate Members to Post on

One of the main considerations being that Freerails is not taken off The Net due to a$$holes ignoring simple guidelines

Demanding replies from Members who seem to think my time is theirs is not exactly welcome

There are countless Members who need help etc and do not know the guidelines already

You are as far as I know already informed and well aware of the (C) Copyright guidelines at Freerails

Post-137 regarding (C) Copyright did not refer to any of your photos if you look back and read it carefully

It was in reference to another Members Posting of a very clearly marked (C) Copyright image which is unacceptable

None of your images have been removed Post-137 only states another Members image had to be removed

If any Member wishes to be flippant over (C) Copyright related things Posted by Admin.

They will cease to be Members very quickly indeed as Posting of (C) Copyright marked images is not allowed on Freerails

There is no comment intended here about accidental Posting of (C) Copyright material

The Admin. comment in Post-137 is there to inform the Poster of a serious problem

NOT to initiate a discussion about whether Copyright is or isnt relevant

Freerails (C) Copyright guidelines are very simply stated in the IMPORTANT INFORMATION Forum

Flippancy regarding Copyright issues is a zero tolerance matter

Especially if time has already been spent on these issues with a Member previously

I devote much of and give very generously my precious time to Administering this Forum

If Members simply do not bother to read Admin. Posts carefully before reacting there is little I can do about it

The guideline is simply if it says (C) Copyright on the image it cannot be Posted on Freerails



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