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Tom Ward

Joined: Tue Nov 14th, 2017
Location: Florida USA
Posts: 673
Mike Chambers was an internationally recognized model railroad craftsman,
and shared many of his techniques in written tutorials.  

He passed away in 2010 but his legend lives on.  

I wanted to provide links to his works and teachings,
for Freerails members benefits.  

Feel free to add anything else related as you see fit.

- Tom

Staining and Weathering Stripwood - part 1

Staying and Weathering Stripwood - part 2

Staining and Weathering Stripwood - part 3

Weathering Stripwood with Gouache

Mike Chambers’ Craftsman Corner - Railroad Line Forum (tons of techniques and ideas from multiple sources)

Kevin Fall

Joined: Thu Nov 9th, 2017
Posts: 37
Thanks for these links Tom.

I remember seeing this info on the Rusty Stumps website years ago,
but they are no longer around.

I always regretted not printing the pages out.
So now here it is, and this will be a big help to me.

Thanks again

Kevin Fall

Tom Ward

Joined: Tue Nov 14th, 2017
Location: Florida USA
Posts: 673
Here’s another.

Making Nail Holes - Mike Chambers Weathering Techniques

Normally, I use a "headless" T-pin chucked in a spare pin vise,
and I try to use a light touch when making the holes.
And I always use a 6" metal ruler to help keep the lines reasonably straight.
However, because I'm doing them by hand,
I don't try to keep each pair of holes (2 per board normally) evenly spaced apart.
A little variation looks good to me. 

Now, for the holes in the salvage barn and shed, I did something a little different.
I don't recall what my reasoning was at the time for my deciding to try something different.
Instead of the pin, I used a 5mm Pentel pencil lead,
which I sharpened to a very fine point on extra fine sandpaper.

Again, I used a light touch,
just enough to indent the wood and leave some graphite for coloring,
but not enough to make an actual hole in the wood. 

As I commented in another thread a few days ago, I don't use a pounce wheel.
I don't like the shape, depth, or spacing of the holes they make.

Using a pounce wheel is definitely faster,
but hey!.... I'm retired, I've got the time. 


Joined: Tue Jan 24th, 2006
Location: Warba, Minnesota USA
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Great Links, Thanks for posting Tom...

I recall following that thread at RRline long ago.

Mike Chambers was a great guy,
he was helpful to many and just for the asking.

I also belonged to the Yahoo weathering group.
Never really liked the format, but yea its gone now.

Darryl Huffman headed that one up.
He moved it to IO I believe moving everything he was able to.

Darryl has a blog also which is pretty great for information.
Darryl does nice work.

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