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Andrey Glushko

Joined: Thu Feb 6th, 2020
Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Posts: 1

In the video below,
I will show an easy and non-risky method of ballasting turnouts.

This method gives good results and is suitable for beginners,
and those modellers, who don't have a large experience in ballasting.

Ideal for ballasting complex turnouts (double slips and 3-way turnouts).


Joined: Thu Feb 23rd, 2012
Location: London
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Hi Andrey  :wave:

Good to see you on Freerails ... WELCOME !  :bg:

A good width for photos is  800x---  pixels.  L:

Height dependent on if your camera is widescreen, or not.  ???

I'm such a vintage dude, that once I stopped using 2 1/4" Sq. B&W negatives ...  :old dude:

... I stuck with 4:3 format &  800x600  photos.  :cool:

Widescreen ? ... What the hell is WIDESCREEN ?  ;)  :us:

You can upload photos to the FREE Freerails 'Members Gallery' & paste from there.  :thumb:

There are pretty easy to follow instructions, in the 'Photo Posting' Forum.  :mex:

Currently you can see them, at the top of the 'Recent' tab as well.  :)

I've always exclaimed  LOUDLY ...  $4!7  F%&£  @§*$  ... when ballasting in the past !  :f:

There may be a few others here who have done the same ...

... But using much more polite language, of course.  :P



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