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Let's Talk...INERTIA???
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 Posted: Sat Sep 16th, 2017 01:36 pm
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Richard A-J

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Bobquincy quote "A weaker motor is easy to do, on a very basic level the motor power is from the magnetism which is governed by amps x turns of wire.  The turns of wire being set, less amps = less power and we can easily control the amps."

I wasn't thinking of actually making a weaker motor, just buying one :)  I'm afraid the rest of your post is beyond my electronic know how. I do mean to learn more about electronics, it is knowledge needed for this hobby, it's just that I consider inertia too important a feature of modelled movement to be left entirely to electronics alone. For me the sudden stop or start of a model totally ruins the effect. I then see a toy, not a model, and I think all steps should be made to stop it ever happening.

Actually you can make electronic inertia unswitch offable to a certain extent, as long as nothing goes wrong with the electronics.  The photo shows what I have done to my Deltang transmitter to make operations more realistic.

The screws on the inertia dial (top right) and the transmitter body stop the dial from being turned all the way around anti clockwise to the zero inertia postion which is at about 7 o'clock. Its travel is now limited to the 12 o'clock position where I have estimated that that simulates the inertia of a light engine (i.e. no train). Of course such a setting has to be general, it would be different for a little shunting engine than for a big express engine. If the loco then starts to move a train the inertia can easily be adjusted clockwise to suit.

E-Stop stands for Emergency Stop, which is a prototypical emergency stop. I do not believe zero inertia should be available for a model. To me that goes against the whole ethics of modelling.


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