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A Newbie in On3
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 Posted: Thu Feb 12th, 2015 01:58 am
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Joined: Wed Sep 15th, 2010
Location: Virginia USA
Posts: 27

Nice picture. Looks like a nicely done layout.

Curious why the San Juan Central? It would be difficult with the large radius required and reach issues. Are you thinking 2-8-0's or 2-8-2's? 2-8-0's can handle much smaller radius but those 2-8-2's require some big radius curves. Most are run on 42-inch min. And number 6 switches.

I'm interested and will be following along.......


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 Posted: Thu Feb 12th, 2015 02:08 am
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Eliot S

Joined: Sun Feb 1st, 2015
Location: Carmel, New York USA
Posts: 7

Thanks for the kind words.

Great questions. I have always been a fan of Malcolm Furlow and the San Juan Central. That layout simply exudes character. The truth is I have become captivated by narrow gauge and I have found very few track plans suitable for On3 that I like. I want few tracks and dramatic scenery. The San Juan Central seemed a good choice.

I purchased a collection of On3 locos and cars several years ago so I inherited a K-36 and two C-19's (16's?) and a dozen cars. My wife is buying me some brass coaches and I am beginning the beginning of planning. I don't see construction starting for quite a while. I know I will need minimum radii of 44"-46" for the big K-36 but I think I can pull that off.

This will probably be my last layout so it has to be good.

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