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Static grass
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 Posted: Thu Jan 8th, 2015 01:47 pm
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Tim H

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I am the first to admit that I like static grass, I first came across the stuff about thirty plus years ago when I was serving in München through Herr Radermacher of MiniNatur and he had a little shop in town before he reloacted to Gröbenzell.

The introduction of grass fibre (static grass) has been a huge step-change for scenery buffs and MiniNatur has gone on to offer all sorts of other innovative products, but rather than I waffle on, click on Albert's name in the above link.

OK, I have just laid a bead of PVA at the edge of the ballast and applied a layer of Heki medium grass fibres, I then cleaned off the excess (Dustbuster) and the last task will be to apply some more weeds whilst the glue is still wet.

Is static grass the best thing in scenery since sliced bread? Well, until something better comes along, I ain't holding my breath.

Btw the texture of the yard surface is Chinchilla Dust laid onto dilute PVA*

Tim H

*PVA- the other great 'thing' in scenery.

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Tim H
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