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Bar Mills' 1:87 Stanley Stove & Boiler Company
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 Posted: Mon Jun 25th, 2012 05:56 am
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La RueD

Joined: Sun Dec 25th, 2011
Location: Sulphur Springs Valley, Arizona USA
Posts: 6
It's been awhile since I've built an actual kit, most recent projects being scratchbuilds, and this has been in my stack of shelf orphans for awhile.

This is a neat little structure and is of the usual Bar Mills' quality. Here are the original OEM photos of the structure ...

Dave D. had previously built this structure:

My construction methodology may seem a bit unorthodox as I've started with the side elevation to work out my color scheme and appraise the appearance and texture of the diamond-shaped roofing.

Lighting is a pre-soldered warm white 3V DC chip LED purchased from Evans Designs:

Continued ...


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 Posted: Mon Jun 25th, 2012 04:53 pm
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Herb Kephart

Joined: Thu Jul 19th, 2007
Location: Glen Mills, Pennsylvania USA
Posts: 5870
Nice work, Delbert

One thing that you might not be aware of. The diamond shaped shingles, unlike wood ones, very seldom curled up. They were made of asphalt coated stock, with stone granules on the surface (like modern "tab" shingles) and when warmed by the sun would automatically flatten out.  There were even larger diamond shaped "asbestos" roof shingles (actually a mixture of asbestos and portland cement) that were as heavy and ridged as slate--and, if the nails--if not copper-- rusted away, they would come loose and slide down the slope of the roof. Other than that--they were good for 100 plus years.

Now, if a roof lasts 50 years--it's a miracle. That's called progress.


Fix it again, Mr Gates--it still works!"
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 Posted: Tue Sep 25th, 2012 04:53 pm
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Joined: Tue Sep 25th, 2012
Location: Lansdale, Pa , Pennsylvania USA
Posts: 6
Hi Delbert:


I think you will find a lot of those diamond shingles were made of asbestos. I lived in Ambler, Pa. where they were made by Ncolet Industries in their shingle plant.

Karl S.  

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