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"Narrow Gauge On A Budget" Part #5
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 Posted: Mon Jan 31st, 2011 08:05 pm
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  • Ok Guys,

    Thanks Goodness this site is back online (I had no place to post my junk!!!) Laughing!!:bg:

    Now this is the 5th installment of "Narrow Gauge on a Budget". And this one for all us lake and creek lovers who can't wait to go fishing this summer. (Myself Included). !! After searching the Internet and my second home (Caboose Hobbies) for an inexpensive little fishing boat with angler and not wanting to pay $15.00 for one. I decide to make my own. This little project can be done in a day. !! and cost less then $5.00

    Supplies needed:

    A pack of Craft Skinny Sticks or Popsicle Sticks if you want to make one in "G" scale.- Your Boats
    A pack of Dollar Store Army Men.- Your Anglers
    Several pieces of plastic broom straw- your Fishing pole
    A tube of Tacky Glue- Hold everything together

       Let's get Started !!

Your Boat: Cut two craft sticks to desired length for your boat, Next cut a slanted angle at one end of both sticks, This will be the bow of the boat. Next cut several smaller pieces to cover the bow,rear and bottom of the boat and glue them in place with the "Tacky Glue". Hold them in place with your hand till the glue has had time to settled. (This is not as easy as it may seem your boat is very wiggly !!!). Next flip the boat back over an cut two more smaller pieces. This will be your seats !! Glue them 2"in apart from each other. Once the completed boat has dried take a piece of sandpaper and go over all the rough edges mainly the bow and rear of the boat. You want to get rid of that board by board look. (Your almost Done !!!) Next paint it your desired color,  But leave the inside a natural color or light brown for a finished look.

Your Fishing Anglers:  While sorting through your pack of Army men look for guys who look like they are throwing something. It will look like they are casting in your conversion. Next take a pair of hobby scissors or a hobby knife and remove all of his gear and weapons. Next go over the figure with a piece of light sandpaper and spray paint it primer grey. Once the primer has dried paint your figure in (Wader's, Overalls etc).

Your Fishing Pole: Now this can be made with a piece of plastic broom straw or a piece of piano wire. (But we are trying to cut cost).!!! Next cut your straw to desired length for your fishing pole. (For us Southern Folks you can cut a long piece for a Cane Pole) !!!  We are fishing in a Backwoods Lake or Creek you know !!!:cool: Next take your hobby scissors and cut a sharp tapered end on one end. Next paint the tapered end white or grey and the handle section brown,black or red. Once the paint has dried glue your pole in your angler hand with "Tacky Glue".

Side Note:  A piece of black or white thread or very thin fishing line can be glued to your pole for fishing line.

                                     "Your Done" !!!!!

Hope this help anyone who need a couple of fishing anglers for their lake, creek or pond scene.

Ronnie D.:cb:


Fishing in the swampy Backwoods !!

Game warden on the lookout for folks over their limit !!

Army Man conversion to Game Warden !!!

Supplies needed for this project:

Boats build in On30 and "G" scale.

Completed flatbottom fishing boat.

Inside of boat.

Bow of Boat.

Bottom of the Boat.




Ronnie D.
Owner and Builder of The R&P Lumber Company.
I also Build and sell "On30 Logging and Detail Parts on Ebay.
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