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Has anyone got a cheap and simple good looking trunk for aspen trees? The leaf area I've worked out good but I would like something a little more substantial for the trunks. Most of the stuff tried works out too fragile. The stuff from the craft stores seems too small to me when up against On30 stuff. There are places in Colorado where I have seen aspens that are really tall and have a huge diameter. Any help will be really appreciated. All the stuff tried only has yielded trunks about a scale 12".
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the method i used was two caspia fern branches taped together with 1/8 in masking tape.  painted white with a few black marks.  the leaves i made by dying foam and chopping it up in a blender.  dont use the wifes good one.  i got one at goodwill for a buck.  spray on diluted white glue and water.  i then rolled the tree around in the foam.  i dont think it looks half bad            

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Don't know if this will help you are not. !! But I found some stuff in the floral department at "MICHAEL'S" that make great Aspen Trees. You can get about 5 to 6 really tall trees from the bushel. But the trunks are not that thick !! But you could use modeling clay for that. The bushel comes in white or light green. I spray paint mine golden yellow with a light grey trunk and black dots all over the trunk and limbs.

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The best armatures ( trunks ) I've seen are from sagebrush ....grows in the wilds out west , but not around my area . There are companies that sell it to modelers but it certainly isn't cheap .



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