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 Posted: Fri Mar 9th, 2018 07:49 am
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And while we are at it, the railroad has it's 1940 gas-mechanical back on line.

#6 Dee (named for my ops buddy Jim's wife) was sidelined for some time due to cracked gears in the mechanism. 
The unnamed manufacturer (Bachmann) provided parts that were not good enough to be used on a hard working piece of motive power. 

I found (in one of 1,000 or so little boxes of stuff) several nice Samhongsa HO diesel gear towers with helical gears of steel and brass, quality stuff. 

With some fiddlin', the gear tower and driven wheels were adapted to the Botchmann siderods and frames, 
and a "new" motor (an old flat can Sagami) was set up to provide very nice operation.

So now, besides a new 0-4-4-2 and the rail truck shown earlier, this lokie has eased the load on the road's 2 old and tired Shays. 
But I still LOVE them Shays!

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