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 Posted: Fri Mar 9th, 2018 07:32 am
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A while back, the Supt.'s Model T rail truck ran off the rails and injured the Super, the truck was a "total". 

Since then, the track inspections had to be made with an old T model "depot hack" which wasn't fitted with flanged wheels, bumping along the ROW on old bald tires. 
The damn hack was bumpy and jumpy enough but the inspection trip was causing the Super to be in a bad mood almost every day. 
Something had to be done!

The old "depot hack" was converted into a useful rail truck by the shop crew...
making the Super happy and saved him from a sore butt and nasty mood.

Here is the result in a nice full color hand tinted view and a untouched black & white photo.

Some info: 
The new truck has the same old Grandt 80:1 Micro Mo and the lead truck from the old T, 
but the power truck is a cast off from a friend's broken Bachmann HO Climax as are the drive components. 
The hack's open body was closed in with styrene sheathing and the pilot was from the old T also. 
The original 160MAH 2 cell Li Po battery and r/c receiver was used. 
Top speed of the new truck is....about 7 MPH.

Here is the "donor" for the new truck. 
Photo taken just before the old truck left the rails and took the Super on a little "trip" through some cactus and rocks.
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