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 Posted: Tue Feb 27th, 2018 09:06 pm
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Some more info. on the 'WTV020-SD-16P' board & simpler versions.

Although this board has a pretty complex array of 16-pins ...

... many of them are often unused, so it is not as complex as it may appear at first.

'Arduino' use, which is not an option many will understand or need, uses many of these pins.

There are simpler versions of this board available so I see, for regular use.

The 'WTV020' seems to refer to the basic chip-type, the board is constructed around.

The 'SD' means it has an SD slot.

The '16P' means it is a 16-pin implementation.

This schematic shows the board wired in it's most basic form.

It seems to have a very-small built-in amplifier.

Play ... Pause ... Reset ... Buttons are shown connected.

Below, some extra MP3 Player type function buttons are wired in as well.

Again using the very-small built-in amplifier.

Below again, a schematic with an external amplifier connected to the basic 16-pin board.

Volume Up/Down & track Next/Previous buttons have been added as well.

Just some quick research.

It appears the device is Mono ? ... Only 1 audio-output ( Left/Mono ) & 1 audio-amplifier seem available.

Here is a simpler looking version, with less output-pins & a different board shape.

Probably intended for easier, basic operation, without any complex 'Arduino' issues.

The 16-pin version ^^ can be operated as it stands of course as well, as seen above.

Even just a very brief look on eBay in regard to similar devices to these ...

... revealed a whole host of different sizes, pin-outs & options ...

... for what could all be considered basically as :-

Buttonless MP3 Players ! :brill:


:dope:  Orrrff to do some rocket-science !  ;)



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