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 Posted: Tue Feb 27th, 2018 07:44 pm
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Hi Juergen :wave:

I am pleased to hear that your Phoenix Sound is working good.

It was nice to have our conversations about this at the time. :bg:

The small MP3 SD Card Player 'WTV020-SD-16P' looks like a very interesting board.

I can afford it as well, at a very nice price of only £1.21p inc. P&P !! :P

Well done for finding it.

It goes to show, just how many different & affordable options are available for the sound experimenter. :old dude:

I had not seen these ultra-small 'buttonless' boards before ...

... perhaps because I was focused on finding the best small 'panel mount' option.

I guess I should buy one & check it out ! L:

Still need to buy & check out the ultra-small 'Bluetooth' board we talked about some while back.

My available time recently, has been spent on modeling my car-builds mostly. :thumb:

Other than some R.C. experimentation, electronics has been a low priority here at present.

Partly because I spend a lot of time working with electronics & as a break scratchbuilding rests my brain ! :P

The new board looks  C :cool: :cool: L  Juergen !

Nice price & very simple as well !!

This is really what >> THE REPLICANT << Thread is all about ...

... things that ordinary-folk, not rocket-scientists, can understand, afford & can easily experiment with. :!:




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