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 Posted: Thu Feb 15th, 2018 11:33 pm
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Well, I'll give my "experiences" with removing Bachmann ,or any other lettering.
It is relatively easy, but afterward you still need to either spot paint or totally repaint (better plan) the model.
I use denatured alcohol, not the drug store kind for cuts, etc. but the home store type.
It seems to be a bit "healthier".
The alco. can be applied with a Q-Tip or small paint brush.
Let it sit a few minutes and then begin "scrubbibg" the lettering off.
Of course it will leave an area where this was done but the new decals / dry transfers will possibly cover the area OK.
Still, the best ways around this is to buy only unlettered models,
or invest in some brake fluid and take the paint off totally.
I have used Floquil's ELO before and it seemed to not work sometimes.
But, with all that, it's whatever floats yer boat...


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