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 Posted: Sun Feb 11th, 2018 07:32 pm
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You will laugh....   They were easy to make.  I used a bottle of multi colored cupcake sprinkles!  I laid out a piece of waxed paper and made little puddles of Elmers glue and put the spinkles on them.  I formed them to the shape of a bunch.  When dry I removed them, flipped them over and added more to the back to get the full shape.  For the crates I made  little balsa blocks to fit inside and covered them with glue and sprinkles.  I painted them with either Model Masters or Testors enamel ( I don't recall for certain).  Amazingly, the color variations of the colored sprinkles made the grapes look very natural.  Added some paper leaves.  Now sprinkles are basically just coated sugar.  They are over five years old and have been to many shows etc and have not deteriorated.  I think the glue and paint sealed them well.

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