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 Posted: Sun Jan 14th, 2018 05:34 am
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I drove the 2+ hours to Charlotte today for the WGH Trainshow and picked up some tools. So... I shoulda bought a coupler height gauge BEFORE I started assembly.  The B'Mann stuff uses HO height as the coupler platform.  BUT.... I am building a bunch o' stuff that is kitted for On3.  Or, in this case scratch building.  So I should have gotten the gauge first and built the platform to the gauge height.  But I was using the drawings and thinking, "This is cool," never taking into account operational awareness.  

Well it is a little low, or a little (quite a bit really) high in HO.  I cut and filed to make it work, hey after all Billmeyer & Small built their cars with a coupler through the end sill, so this is a gimme.

All betta. :2t: FMW link and pin couplers use a Kadee #5 HO box, so that is what I am going to use to mount them.  I am thinking this way so that I can change them out for knuckles when I have an op session with others who want to slam bam cars around.  No slam bam with link and pin, you need the patience to match Job.

In other news, the long a tedious building of the inside door and window frames is complete.  Did I mention that I am an HO rivet counter in recovery?  I sweat the details.  It is an illness, but I am getting better, this isn't On3... it is On30.  Right? :cool:  I don't even know if anyone will be able to see inside the car when I am done.  But I'll know the windows look right when looking out... what a kook.:Crazy:  Oh and I bought a new cutting mat.  The plywood was starting to splinter from all the little cuts.

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