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 Posted: Sun Jan 7th, 2018 05:29 am
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W C Greene

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That's great Bob...Your r/c life will be easier for sure. I found that I could use a piece of an old motor magnet to energize the switches but settled on the teeny rare earth magnets. I don't have too many spare motors and want to keep them assembled. I have since modified the little magnets, instead of making tool boxes, etc., I attached one or two to a piece of wood or plastic strip using CA and then painted them bright red. When not in use, they attach themselves to the locos' pins in the couplers and I can always see where they are. Plus the brass tweezer that I made makes it all ultra simple...just what I wanted! And remember what Jose warned about-be VERY CAREFUL bending the leads on the switches, they can get broken with too much horsepower. I learned that long ago, thankfully.

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