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 Posted: Thu Jan 4th, 2018 09:53 am
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Ugh!  I hate when that happens.  I had some time today and thought, "I know the prototype wasn't lettered (at least in the later 1910s and only two images), but the tenders of the locos were quite snazzy in the early days of 1881.  So why wouldn't they letter the caboose?!"

The flats had Roman Style lettering.  I thought, "I'll do some cool shadowing and keep it simple."  Yeah, right.  I was in a "rush" and the decals that I was trying to use were ANCIENT, read: falling apart.  I burned through all the spares and had a number of them set on the model... ugh!  I ended up scrubbing the good ones off as I didn't have enough to finish the project.  I'll do something later... maybe.  I'll have to buy more decals and I'm not a fan of shipping costs right now for a single sheet of decals.  I can always revisit that later, even after the model is completed structurally.

So, no, I didn't start the interior yet, but wasted a epoch of time on the project today.  Yes, Reg, there is a stopping point, recognizing them when they come along is the tough part.:bang:  No picts today because there is nothing to see here, move along.  

Well Si, it was warmer today, maybe that was the problem.  Oh, and then there was my real job, the one that makes the CFO happy.  Did I mention that she still wants me to finish the uppers in the kitchen?  I have to take the truck in for a new exhaust system (it finally gave up the ghost 330K miles later, not too bad really) so I guess that kitchen work will have to wait until the weekend?  Let me check the weather!;)

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