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 Posted: Thu Jan 4th, 2018 03:48 am
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Michael G

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Hi all!

I designed my own Grassmaster. 

I 3D printed it on my own printer and bought the electronics online.

It's assembled now.

First test of the home-built grassmaster with a 9 volt battery for power and Woodland scenics short grass.

Tomorrow I will test with the 12 volt trafo and longer grass.

I was surprised how strong the static field is. 

The hair on my hand stands straight up when I get close ... The grass gets really dense and stands up really nice.

This project gives a good result. 

The cost was really affordable. 

When summarizing every component and the material for the 3D print, it cost me roughly $50!

Under half of what equal products on the market costs with the same specs.

Deo Adjuvantis labor proficit
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