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 Posted: Wed Jan 3rd, 2018 09:58 pm
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Reg H

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Really looking good.

Two observations...yeah that concept of quitting before trying to squeeze in that last little task is a great tip.  I adopted that more recently than I care to admit. I have screwed up a lot of project by trying to rush that one last step before dinner.

And...I like your approach of working things out as you go.  I used to try and plan out every step, only to find out that not infrequently a planned step simply would not work as planned. 

My recent plate girder project was tackled that way.  I simply started cutting, hacking and gluing things together until I got the result I wanted.  Projects don't always work out that way.  But a lot of times you just gotta figure things out as you go.

Regarding the second observation...I fell victim in a recent machine shop project.   I had 12 6-32 holes to tap, and it was getting close to bed time.

Wanting to get all 12 tapped before quitting for the evening I kinda hustled the tapping.  Until I broke the tap.  

All efforts to remove the broken tap have failed.

So I get to build that part all over again.


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