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 Posted: Tue Jan 2nd, 2018 05:01 am
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So I pulled out the Patented Impatient Car Dryer.:)  They are acrylics and dry fast.

Getting so far and waiting I looked at the photos.  the undercarriage is very dark.  Like, black dark, and I didn't like that.  The doors were also very dark.  Having worked with old photos in a past life, I knew that red could interpret dark.  And the snow being very white in one picture could be just enough contrast to make the color seem black.  I decided that since late photos (almost all photos of the BR&LCo were late, 1900 and on, photos) show the flats to be what appears to be a lead (boxcar) red with white letters.  This is also what the car at June Lake was painted, it was found out on the line.  I made a command decision, the underframe would be red.  I mixed a "lead" red and made sure that is had some blue in it, for dark interpretation.  And since the doors were dark too, so be it, the doors are red.

The unpainted white is raw plastic and is a glue edge for when I assemble the car.  But the doors kinda look nice in the red.  And with the last dry brush of "buff" the boards can sorta be seen and gives it the pre-peeling look that I was hoping for.  Remember winters and summers are tough at over 8,000' (2450m for you folks outside of the Great Basin area) in the desert.  So wood takes a licking, and keeps on shrinking.  I may hit it with some dullcote, even though the shine is probably correct, most folks can't make the model leap and think it looks "toylike".  Argh... "cute."  Next we go indoors.

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