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 Posted: Tue Jan 2nd, 2018 02:41 am
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Moving right along.  I have begun to paint this rig.  My hope is to recreate the look in the photos of this caboose.  But, maybe not too much as it is supposed to be fairly new.  The whole idea is to do a few "washes".  "EGADS!  Is he going to brush paint this thing?!"   Yup.  It is too cold to break out the airbrush, and truthfully I want a "stained" look.  So washes it will be.  I need to mention that I lightly distressed all of the styrene to give it a light wood grain.  I used a #11 knife and a wire brush.  I first washed with a Model Master Acryl Raw Sienna. The frame and deck are done.

Now I go for a darker but red color.  I supposed that the siding is fir. and it has a red tone to it.  I used a wash of Earth Red.  On the deck and frame I also went with some dark browns too.  Then I dry brushed a Panzer Interior (a yellowish white) to give it the "wood" look that I wanted.  If you ever looked at pictures of Bodie's wooden structures, that was the color/effect that I as shooting for on the frame and deck.

I also put some paint on the Grandt casting so that they might accept color a little better.  The hardest part of all of this is finding the ding dang patience to let it all dry and not wipe the previous color off.:f:  Don't ask me how I know.  Notice how dark the one side at the top is in the upper photo.
The photos of the prototype are black and white and there are only two known.  One is in winter and the other is in summer.  Best thing is that they are different sides.   So, the cab is a very light color and my first thought is paint it white.  But then I thought, I want a colorful railroad.  White won't cut it.  So I am opting for a light cream.  I am mixing a GLB Yellow with a Panzer Interior.

To quote an old Buck Owens song, "It's drying time again..."

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