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 Posted: Sun Dec 31st, 2017 07:23 am
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Got a few hours to work on the caboose today.  I cleaned up the sides and fitted the windows.  They are not glued in yet because I am building this by the seat of my pants. Meaning I don't know what I am doing until I do it.  I am using the plans and the two photos as my guide.  

When I got to the letter boards I was trying to figure out a radius and, golly, my knife handle was pretty close.  Good thing I have a few.  

I then cut the ends.  I found that I was too fargone lazy to build doors and I had a set of Grandt DR&G caboose doors.  They be the ones, looked great.  I cut out the four pane windows and making them single pane windows.  I used a compass to draw and cut the radius for the roof.  Started trimming it out, but got to the point where I was starting to stare at it.  Time to quit.  Found out a long time ago, don't try to do "that last little thing" before quitting.  I usually screw it up...  :doh:

Temp is dropping!  Snow flurries now!!  Come on climate change, do your thing... keep me from doing anything that looks like chores tomorrow.  Although there are those kitchen uppers that she keeps asking about (she got the parts for me today... gee thanks) and then there's that drywall work... Sigh.:y:

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