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 Posted: Mon Dec 25th, 2017 02:24 am
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Why on earth we modelers are so attracted to the junk every normal person wants to get rid of, to the point of making highly detailed models or endless restoration projects?.Disclosure: I do it too...Jose.

I guess modellers model what they remember or what they think the way things were.In the war years and a few years after, metal and timber was scarce and farmers,industry and the household would keep any junk they had just in case they might need it one day.So  those junk piles allow us to create a great modelling scene.How many farms,industrial sites and house backyards were tidy(no junk),not many. In some scenes the more junk the better,it all adds to the story.Bring it on ,I love lots of junk.:thumb::thumb:.......Peter

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