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 Posted: Fri Dec 22nd, 2017 06:08 am
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Steven, it would be a "do-able" project to make the monorail operate. The loco could have pinion gears (like what I used) and a tiny gearhead motor inside the dummy motor. The board and battery (r/c of course!) could be stashed in a car right behind and wired to the loco. I suppose a DC or DCC loco could be built but then the single rail would need to be powered as the side bearing structure...and all that would need to be exactly built so voltage would be routed correctly. I did build a working monorail on my ancient On20 layout. It was DC and had brass strips on the side bearers, positive voltage on the rail, negative on them. It did in fact run but I only had about 6 feet to run it on. It was so fiddly to make it go that I never ran it but once...just to say "yes, it runs!". A larger scale and r/c would make it much easier.

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