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 Posted: Thu Dec 21st, 2017 08:28 am
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Steven B

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Sounds like Agustus McRea and Woodrow Call might pay a visit, well at least Gus, sounds like a place right up his alley.  Would that be up river or down from Lonesome Dove?

No TV in our train room either.  But my 'puter plays westerns and Jamie Johnson, Joe Ely, R.E. Keene... and of course Willie, Waylon and me, 'cause they heard that the Burritos out in California could fly higher than the Byrds.

That monorail is the most coolest.  There was the old Sonoma Prismodal Railway built out near Sonoma, CA the only problem was they they could figure out how to make a crossing.  It quickly became a standard two rail affair.  I would think that thing might be not too hard to power.  

Steven B.
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