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 Posted: Mon Nov 13th, 2017 01:49 am
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W C Greene

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It's OK to steal/purloin any stuff I have shown. I am looking at structures that I built for the previous layouts to see if any could be re-used. Some of the mine buildings may work but the smelter buildings will become "fodder" for other stuff. Thank goodness I have boxes full of details which will be used and all my old autos, trucks, and horse/mule drawn wagons will find new homes here. I just have "so much" space to store structures, etc. that I won't be using so I need to make decisions about what is kept and what gets know.
It seems that I have got almost all the "bugs" out of the trackwork and a bit more massaging with a small needle file will take care of any little problems. And I just looked at the rail stockpile, I only have 3 pieces not the 5 I thought I had. Ah, but the LHS called to tell me they had gotten in another bundle of code 83 weathered rail. Do you think they are trying to tempt me???

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