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 Posted: Sat Nov 11th, 2017 09:15 pm
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Well, I am still workin' on the railroad. It helps that I already had built most of it (the old SCPA&M) but I had to make some new pieces and of course, the premise changed. No longer the hard-core ore hauler, this railroad still serves some mines in the "Bend" but now has another source of revenue-the wax trade. And (due to the freelanced nature of this), the time is now circa 1950 or so. That's so I can use my beloved 49' Merc and Ford Tudor. Great reason for a time change, nicht whar?
So, here are some photos of new stuff with explanations.

This 70-some foot, 35 foot high trestle was needed to cross Boquillas Canyon. Needless to report, it still needs more "detailing" , better scenery, and proper facia to finish it off.

A new 3 stall enginehouse is being built, I loved the "prototype" 7 stall SCPA&M structure but needed a smaller one and the width of this section was trimmed down by about 18". Also gone is the smelter complex and large slag pile behind the "original"...I never really liked the slag pile (too much blackness) and in 1:35 scale, the smelter was just "too much" for me to model. If I was in HO or N, I might could have built a reasonable smelter but how much BS would I put up with to model HOn2 or Nn2? NO WAY! This enginehouse is stucco over brick and when finished will remind me of my old On20 and 35n2 Mogollon Railway, I love the look.

Then, there's this. At the "other end" of the line, there's a turntable and small yard and my ops buddy Dave suggested that I keep one of the Porters here to do some switchin'... and build a small enginehouse. This one is similar to the big 3 staller on the other end, the idea being that both structures were built by the same crew. Besides, I love the look. Both buildings have/will have shutters instead of windows since the details I intend to put inside are not very visible through punky windows, I want to see the details myself and not leave them to the spiders to appreciate!
Both structures are made from styrofoam planks, ripped down on my bandsaw from scrap blue foam and coated with Durham's water putty painted white.
In the background is a bit of the Hairpin Curve from the SCPA&M, unchanged, since that was the thing that got me interested in Western 2 footers to begin with.
Now, just some scenery, details, and other stuff. BTW-the track is all laid and operates nicely. I bought all the code 83 rail at the LHS just to be sure I'd have enough to finish. I have maybe 5 sticks left!

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