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 Posted: Tue Oct 10th, 2017 09:42 am
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Daniel Beresford

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I actually got some progress made on the Southern gondola, that I got from a recent trip to York.
It's an Atlas Trainman 2-rail O scale car.

So far it's had a real wood deck added to the interior, made from coffee stirrers naturally,
as well as a brown acrylic fading wash, and a wash of black water-colour to dirty it up.

The great thing with water-colours is that if you don't like how it looks,
take a wet paintbrush to it and just wash it off! :D

After this was done, I went over the lettering and car number with a damp microbrush,
to remove the paint from the white and let it really pop again,
as most of the time the lettering isn't too dirty in prototype photos.

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