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 Posted: Tue Sep 26th, 2017 12:09 am
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Daniel Beresford

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Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if this part of the forum is for anything other than how-to's and tips on weathering,
or if it's where we can post our own weathered models for feedback,
but in the hope it's for the latter as well, here's a few weathering projects I've been working on.

First up is a work in progress of an O scale boxcar,
the first O scale weathering project I've embarked upon,
so feedback and criticisms would be very well received!

Note - seal every layer of work with Dullcote.
All paint is acrylic unless otherwise stated.

Firstly, I took the base model - a Weaver kit:

After assembling the kit, I faded it down using a slightly lighter shade of green,
to the usual "Century" green the NYC used, using a very watery wash.

Using a different brush, the excess is "lifted" from the model,
by placing the brush in the excess water and letting the bristles absorb the excess:

Once dry, the model is sealed with Dullcote,
and a few more coats of the wash are added until the desired fade is achieved,
each layer with Dullcote to avoid spoiling the work already done:

Next, a watered down wash of brown paint is applied in the same manner as the fading wash,
but only along places where dirt, grime and rust would gather.

Once dry, this is also sealed with Dullcote:

Next, black, brown, orange and white pastels are used to blend the whole thing together,
black and dark browns in the areas grime would build up, browns and oranges where rust would gather,
and white to tone down the whole car and blend the washes and dirt into an overall fade across the car.

Again, this is built up in layers, each layer sealed with Dullcote:

After this is complete,
rust dings and scratches are applied to the car using dark brown paint.

Always use prototype photographs as references for the whole process,
but especially for this part:

Next, used burnt sienna oil paints to halo the rust patches, dings and scratches,
both to give a look of newer rust and to add texture to the rust.

You can add orange pastel powder to the wet oil paint at this stage,
to add in further texture if you choose, but on this one I did not.

Once the oil paint is fully dried, another coat of Dullcote is required.

This is as far as I've gotten with it so far.
Here's a daylight shot to show off the overall effect:

I'll add further updates to the car as well as further projects in other scales in here as and when I can.


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