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 Posted: Mon Sep 18th, 2017 09:17 pm
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Charles, I ain't sad about any of this. After all, it's just styrofoam and some Durham's water putty. The next buildings always turn out better than the last anyway. Matter of fact, that park office building would be far better with Daniel's nice tile roofing (see earlier posts).
As it goes, just imagine moving from a little old house which is falling down around you and the taxman wants way too much for his "cut" to a nice air conditioned brick home in the country with a large garage ready for a layout. Matter of fact, this garage is finished inside with insulation, sheet rock, and nice white paint PLUS a "French door" on the side and a window-ready for an A/C. Goodness, the old house didn't have that in the living room!
Coming up in the world, it seems to me.

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