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 Posted: Thu Jun 8th, 2017 12:15 pm
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Steven B

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Hi Keith,
The corrugated siding question has me confounded too.  I did some research and found similar information to you.  Many buildings in Nevada were built out of corrugated siding too.  But from all the known dates, it looks like most were built in the second wave of discovery, mostly around 1900 (Tonopah and the like).  Dated photos from the earlier era (1870s-1880s) just don't show corrugated material, but there are lots of shingle and tar (paper?) roofs.  Maybe some of these were smaller tin sheets as that were popular for fire protection in California.  
 About the late 1800s as kerosene came in, sometimes the square tins were repurposed (flattened) into siding and roofing/shingles.  But, I just can't find much if any corrugation prior to 1900.  Too bad for us early railroad modelers, corrugation is a neat model feature. But I think it was still too expensive prior to 1890s to be used extensively out west.
I really enjoy this forum, thanks for so much information.

Steven B.
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