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 Posted: Mon May 29th, 2017 09:37 am
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Well, I was surprised by the first notification of a message from Freerails in years!!!

About the coaches and the rest of the later FCALV Models range: as it's said, it is all history now. I have sold even the pilot models and gave away the original drawings. To make things worse, I have also lost my Sketchup PRO drawing program (= 500euro) long ago and the free versions of sketchup don't allow export of any files that a laser cutter would accept. To make it even a bit worse, I never learnt CAD so using one of the free available programs is not an option. Buying again the PRO version of Sketchup is an idea that makes my wallet laugh and think I am drunk again. So the only remaining option is that someone come, sit beside me for one or two hours and explain to my lonely brain cell twenty times the basics of CAD. But if that happens, with the experience I have gained during the last years at designing, there could be a kind of good chance for much better kits ...and plenty of better details for my new 1/32 scale "I'lle du Présent". P1810849 by d.caso, on Flickr

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2) Calm down.
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