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 Posted: Tue May 16th, 2017 10:23 pm
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Howdy Charles, Stephen...Yes, there are lakes around where we will be locating, I don't throw my puter in the lakes but W Rock Lake has maybe 4 old cell phones of mine. One of them made 5 skips! We are looking at some small (podunk) towns to the east, away from Dallas!


In a while, this train will depart the enginehouse/smelter yards area to head up to the end of the line at Pinos Altos. There, #3 Rosa will follow with the tour cars while #1 brings down the last ore cars and water cars. The trip back will take awhile, many stops will be made along the way to fetch up more rolling stock and allow the riders to breathe in coal smoke and juniper for one last time.
There will be more photos in a little bit.

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